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Bellevue CSD 1st State Championship Team!  What team and individuals will be next?  Strive for Excellence with Passion in Everything YOU Do!


Weekly Video Update:  https://youtu.be/v9nctMUf52s

Daily School Attendance is extremely important for school success.  Please assist your students in getting the most out of their education by attending school daily.

“Comet Highlights” from the Board Meeting on September 14, 2015

Comet Highlights September 15 2015

Learning Criteria Updated Portfolio for the 2015-2016

Weekly district video updates available at the following link:

This week’s “Believe in the Blue” update is now available at the following link:

Volunteering & “Giving to our Community”

The Bellevue High School Volleyball Team wanted to build team unity and get involved in the Community through volunteering in the community and making contributions to the community. As a result, the team visited Mill Valley to play BINGO with the residents, and also went to the Homeward Bound Siberian Husky Rescue to give the dogs a bath and walk them.

During the home volleyball game on Tuesday, September 22 against Cascade, the team will have a bake sale to fundraise for Marla Theisen and her Huskies. If you attend the volleyball match, you might even get to see a Husky up close and personal!



Student Video about Bellevue MS/HS is available at the following link

Twitter for Bellevue Schools



Check out the updated “Bellevue Schools” Facebook page, and the Bellevue Schools Twitter site @ TomMeyerBHS for recent news from the Bellevue Schools.
Check out the discussions of the Career Technical Advisory Committee of the Bellevue Schools from the meeting on November 4, 2014.  CTE Meeting November 2014
Facilities Committee Notes:

The Bellevue Carpentry  class and Tech Math classes are gaining valuable information on building several items, assisting in the community, and working for local carpenters this semester.  Interested in some help, contact the school (Mr. Marshall or Mr. Ernst) to arrange for our students to assist in your construction and general needs.

Ultimately, if you work hard good things happen and progress is made (no matter what endeavor it is!).  We are seeing this from our students, and from their coaches who also have put in the extra time to work with their student-athletes.  Great start to the year!

JMC Information
The Bellevue Schools utilizes the JMC program for many things, including:
  • Grades
  • Attendance
  • Lunch (new this year!)
  • Weather Delays (New for the 2015-2016 school year)
  • Many more things… 
See the attached link below for an overview of the JMC program and how to use it for your specific needs.
In addition, go to the “JMC” link on the top of the page for further information on the JMC Lunch Program and step-by-step directions to checking a student account and deposing money to an account of a student.

General Information

Welcome to the Bellevue Schools! We are proud of all that we offer our students and community as we develop students who are critical thinkers, lifelong learners, self-motivated and goal-oriented individuals.  As Bill Daggett states,

“The primary goal of education is not to enable students to do well in school, but to help them do well in the lives they lead outside of school.”

Visitors are always welcome in our buildings, and feel free to stop by anytime to tour our Bellevue Elementary classrooms to experience Everyday Math, Daily Five literacy, and ST Math.  In addition, stop by Bellevue Middle School/High School to see our students working on their 1:1 Chromebooks, see students creativity at work as they develop a solution in a Problem-Based Learning environment, observe the concept of “Blended/Flipped Learning”, and talk with students about their 25+ college-credit courses offered on-site (along with an unlimited amount of on-line college credits at no cost to students and their families).  Finally, observe our Academic Services program that works to make sure that ALL students are successful in their courses and in developing the skills that are required for a BHS graduate.

The Bellevue Schools are continuously working to achieve excellence in all that we do through a “Passion to Achieve Excellence.”

Tom Meyer, Superintendent





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